FRANCESCO PERCONTI President and project manager

    Graduated in Economic Development and International Cooperation. He started to work in the social field establishing Cooperazione Senza Frontiere and specialising in European projecting. His passion for this field leads him to develop many collaborations, among others with European Alternatives, Giosef Italy and Ashoka, and international projects, such as ChangemakerXchange and Impact Aimers. Among the creators and founders of PYC – Palermo Youth Centre and “La Nuova Villa Trabia”, he deals with the general administration of the association and the creation and management of the projects.

  • Alessio Costa

    Alessio lives in Palermo, where he was born in 1989. He graduated from secondary school in 2008 and afterwards he graduated in International Cooperation in 2014 at the University of Palermo, after years of activism in the student trade union and in the Economy Faculty Council. In 2015 he obtained a master’s degree in Project Management for Local Development in Rome. In 2010 he established the association Cooperazione Senza Frontiere (CSF) of which he is Vice-President today. In 2011 he joins the network Giosef Italy with CSF, for which today he works as a designer and local manager. In 2014, in collaboration with the circle Arci The Factory, he opened the Palermo Youth Centre of which he became coordinator in 2016. He deals with social design, group support and organisation of events and activities.

  • Guido Cicala
    Guido Cicala Geek

    Guido Cicala is an IT technician with ten years of experience. He dropped his university studies because he couldn’t adapt to rigid schemes. He is a creative person with a great intuition. Guido has carried out a lot of voluntary work, he is interested in social issues and takes part actively in cultural promotion at local level. Moreover he has participated in different activities of non-formal education in some countries of the European Union. Nowadays he works in the project NPC and is a key element for the conception of the website.

  • Marija Belovinova
    Marija Belovinova EVS AND MOBILITY MANAGER

    Marija comes from Macedonia where she obtained her degree in Translation and Interpreting at the Faculty of Philology of Skopje. During her studies she starts to take an interest in the third sector, participating in non-formal education projects in different countries. She arrived in Palermo in 2015 with the Erasmus project for young entrepreneurs at the association Cooperazione Senza Frontiere (CSF). After this project she decided to remain in Palermo doing a project of European Voluntary Service (EVS) and enrolling in a master’s degree in International Relations. Currently she collaborates with CSF in the organisation of several national and community projects.

  • Marco Mendola

    He studied Economic Development and International Cooperation. Thanks to the internship with Cooperazione Senza Frontiere within the PYC network, he joined the work of the association and became coordinator in March 2016. His volunteer experiences of assistance for homeless, carried out with the Non-profit Governmental Organisation (ONLUS) “Frate Gabriele Allegra”, made him the reference point for the logistics organisation, event organisation and coordination of initiatives.

  • Alessandra Massimino
    Alessandra Massimino COMMUNICATION MANAGER

    Alessandra lives in Palermo, where she was born in 1985. After a career break in Germany, shortly after her specialisation in Art History, she returned in town and  she has been working ever since as a freelance consultant in digital communication in various social projects. Almost immediately she became part of Palermo Youth Centre’s staff as a communication consultant. In the meantime she deals with her association that promotes artistic enjoyment for users with visual disabilities. As a passionate supporter of the importance of small things, she loves music, art and good food. She is also Communication Manager for No Profit Challenge.

  • Davide Cicala
    Davide Cicala GRAPHIC DESIGNER

    Davide Cicala was born in Palermo in 1994. He is a visual arts enthusiast since childhood, in the field of illustration and graphics. At 17 he joined the world of volunteering when he discovered the association CSF and also by participating in international youth exchanges. In 2015 he started an internship as a graphic designer within the circle of Palermo Youth Centre creating the logo of “La Nuova Villa Trabia” and collaborating in the field of graphics with various associations.

    In 2017, with the aim of creating a new artistic reality in Palermo, he became co-founder of the social promotion association Factotum & Co., a work space shared by artists and artisans.

  • Miriam Tazeghdanti
    Miriam Tazeghdanti YOUTH LEADER AND EVS MENTOR

    Miriam was born in Palermo in 1992. Her father is from Tunisia and her mother from the Mauritius Islands. She graduated in 2016 in Economic Development and International Cooperation at the University of Palermo. She started to collaborate with CSF for a university internship and in the next two years she continued to be part of the production team. As a participant in Erasmus+ projects, she discovered her vocation for Youth Leader during a training course in Ajaccio, Corsica. She has also been production assistant in the organisation of the 2017 Gay Pride in Palermo. Currently she collaborates with CSF as Team Leader of Intercultural Exchange and Mentor for EVS volunteers.