PYC is an aggregative centre managed on a voluntary basis by a group of 20 young Palermitan, who have embraced concepts as solidarity, volunteering, common good, culture, integration, peace and tolerance.

PYC is an idea from numerous associative realities which have been active for years in the city fabric. Founded by The Factory circolo culturale ARCI and CSF –  Cooperazione Senza Frontiere, nowadays PYC hosts the activities of other young associative realities of the territory.

These associations have stood up over the past years because of their capacity to get young citizens involved through cultural and social initiatives around the city, attending also the European dimension, cultivated thanks to the promotion of various mobility projects for young people. These opportunities have allowed many young Europeans to get to know Palermo and Sicily, and simultaneously have allowed associated young people to live international experiences around Europe.

Young volunteers from PYC have distinguished themselves in the respect of the city and the urban decor, by implementing various restoration activities, improving some degraded areas and offering a tangible contribute to the recovery of Palermo.

Palermo Youth Centre intends to revive Palermo citizens’ life and especially the way to live their own city. Within it activities like language courses, art exhibitions and performances, cultural entertaining events and social initiatives are organised.

We have invested ourselves in this project, with the hope of creating a place for everyone where anyone who has something to give or to receive would be welcomed, in a perspective of mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.

Palermo Youth Centre means to be the place to start together with citizenship a yearned social and cultural revolution that brings again the will to live actively our city, to propose and establish virtuous circuits of shared spaces and ideas, with the single purpose of coming out of the mediocrity that constrains our city.

Come to find us at via Giuseppe de Spuches 20!