No Profit Challenge is an ambitious project financed together with other 30 projects selected from 1000 projects presented to the contest “Il Sud che partecipa” (South that participates) from the association Fondazione con il Sud (Foundation with the South).

The project was conceived by the CSF work team and presented by our national network Giosef Italy – Giovani Senza Frontiere. It rallies in partnership with Arci Sicilia, Arciragazzi Sicilia, CGIL Sicilia, Forum del Terzo Settore Sicilia, CESVOP Centro di Servizi per il Volontariato di Palermo and ANCI Sicilia.

Based in a social friendly portal and applications for Android and IOS, it is characterised as it follows:

  • Two profiles: volunteer and organisations
  • The volunteer contacts non-profit organisations and finds out where to offer their help on the basis common interests
  • The organisation publishes its “assistance request” and the user applies for participation, receiving and automatic notification in case of matching
  • Once the activity concluded, both organisation and volunteer release mutual feedback to evaluate the activity’s impact and to certificate the competences developed by the volunteer
  • Once the feedback is received, the volunteer’s account is updated with a record of all their experiences, filterable by location, intervention sector and developed skills.

The objectives can be summarized in:

  • Increasing non-profit organisations and volunteers’ visibility and spreading volunteering opportunities
  • Making volunteering accessible and attractive, especially for young people, so as promoting participation
  • Incentivising the recognition of Youth and Social Worker’s figures, through a system that verifies and certificates the competences acquired
  • Filling the participation gap of Mezzogiorno (a region of Italy).

To pursue these objectives and to launch the digital tool, the project provides:

  • 18 launching meetings (two per province) to present the project and to promote the online site
  • Info Corner about the project at partner’s local headquarters
  • 18 meetings (two per province) to co-plan volunteering initiatives with local organisations and citizens interested in bringing assistance
  • 18 volunteering initiatives (two per province) for the restoration of urban decor, to be conducted on the basis of the chosen territory’s particularities and the characteristics of the involved participants

Visit the project’s website to learn more.