Villa Trabia is a historical garden located in the residential heart of Palermo, in the past residence of aristocratic families. Inside of it there are several objects of artistic and historical value as well as numerous rare plant species. Because of its large extension, it is nowadays considered one of the green lungs of the city.

The project “La Nuova Villa Trabia” has been financed in the framework of a contest from the Youth Department and the National Civil Service – Presidency of the Council of Ministers, called “Youth for the enhancement of public asset”. Its objective has been to reclaim and promote the whole park, offering the citizens a suitable place for their personal and professional improvement.

The activities developed throughout the project are:

  • Environmental education courses
  • Youth info-desks
  • Areas for cultural activities
  • Music, art and civic education workshops
  • Leisure activities
  • Creation of an Internet café – WiFi hotspot

Visit the project’s website to learn more.