EVS for Social Inclusion

The 12-month multi-activity EVS took place at our headquarters in Palermo in partnership with CESIE.

Palermo is a city with strong presence of migrant communities which has different areas in conditions of degradation and abandonment. We have decided to treat these issues by integrating them. That is why the project’s target is promoting social inclusion and active participation of young people in the community and also spreading the values related to the concept of European Citizenship.

Our project planned the participation of 2 volunteers in activities different among themselves, although placed within the same container that coincides with the activities carried out by the host organisation.

The volunteers, as stated above, carried out a voluntary service that is differentiated first for the duration, and then for the specific goals and activities:

– Magda, the Polish volunteer with less opportunities (economic barriers), on the one hand, carried out a service of 12 months on the issue of revaluation of public places, engaging in cleaning and restoration of urban decor. On the other hand, she supported the implementation of workshops on European citizenship and creative recycling and was involved in the work related to information desks for young people, carried out at the headquarters of one of our local offices, PYC – Palermo Youth Centre;

– Karolin, the German volunteer, took part in a service of 4 months and her main tasks were to take advantage of her own artistic competences for the production of a video documentary on the project themes and activities fulfilled by the organisation. The volunteer was also involved in supporting workshops and the organisation of cleaning and restoration of urban decor.


All project activities were conducted through non-formal learning methodologies based on active participation. The approaches used were the following:

– Experiential learning

– Cooperative learning

– Peer learning

– Outdoor activities


EVS for Social Inclusion had a real impact on all parts involved (participants, partner organisations and target beneficiaries) thanks to the skills learned from the volunteers that enriched the organisations to which they belong, and the beneficiaries who took part in the activities related to this project. We believe that these activities have increased awareness of concepts such as European Citizenship and Active Participation. Moreover, they have contributed to improve the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups by establishing good practices for sharing on a local, regional, national and European basis through the distribution of the produced video documentary, which we hope to be reproposed, creating cascading effects on projects implemented in the future about similar topics.


In order to study in depth the project results, we invite you to watch the video documentary with interviews on social inclusion and European Citizenship at this link:



Our volunteers have also produced a short video about their personal experiences in Palermo. We recommend you to take a look at it.