Urban Requalification

Urban requalification, urban’s decor restoration and the enhancement of public areas are matters towards which CSF’s staff has been highly attentive ever since. In fact, Palermo, the splendid city of huge cultural patrimony, suffers from decadence and abandonment in several zones. From public areas to private buildings of historical interest, there are numerous zones that need some interventions to restore the decor and distinction they deserve. Together with other territorial youth organisations, we organised different initiatives regarding urban cleansing and public spaces promotion.

During the spring of 2016 we organised a series of events called “Pulito è più bello” – “Clean it is more beautiful” through which we involved the citizens in the choice of public spaces to be cleaned, and therefore in cleansing initiatives.

Feather in the cap of our requalification activities, the project “La Nuova Villa Trabia”, financed by the contest Youth for the Public Assets of the Youth Department (Dipartimento della Gioventù) – Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri). Thanks to the concession of the municipality of Palermo, we restored a historic good located inside the park of Villa Trabia, where we inaugurated a cultural centre in June 2017 and we gave back the spaces to the citizens.