Awareness Campaigns

Where we cannot reach with practical activities and initiatives, we try to inform and raise awareness of issues that important for us.

In 2016, we were part of the NoTriv committee for the April’s referendum of the same year against the drilling in the Mediterranean Sea.

We raised awareness of issues related to inclusion of immigrants, gender equality and human rights.

We developed an activity for conducting these awareness campaigns: “The Interactive Panel  Survey”.  It was an interactive panel on which we created a survey on the chosen topic, in order to verify the level of topic awareness of the interviewees. The interviewees answered the questions of the survey by hooking coloured stickers to the panel.

The colours of the stickers represented the sex and the age of the interviewee and made it easier for us to analyse the data. At the end of the survey, the interviewees got an information leaflet with the right answers to the questions.

With this activity we could prove that “playing” with the interviewees’ ignorance makes them more curious to get informed about the topic at the end of the survey.