since 2010


Cooperazione Senza Frontiere is an organisation established in 2010. CSF works in the field of social promotion, voluntary work, active citizenship and youth mobility through the implementation of different projects (first with Youth in Action Programme and currently with Erasmus+ and through public and private funds).

Our organisation is made up of students and graduates in the same degree at the University of Palermo: Economic Development and International Cooperation.

CSF, together with The Factory, our partner of Arci’s circle, is co-founder of PYC – Palermo Youth Centre.

PYC is a youth centre inaugurated in May 2014. To present date PYC has reached about 3,000 registered members, number that has made us become the first Arci circle around South Italy. In June 2017 we have also inaugurated “La Nuova Villa Trabia”, another cultural centre that rose from the ashes of a restored municipal good thanks to public funding.

Both centres are run by a team of about 25 volunteers self-organised in functional thematic departments that are functional to the management of all areas of activity of the centre. They are also a real reference point for young people and territorial association network: there are various associative realities that carry on their activities within our spaces, which enriches the formative and cultural offering.

Our target consists of youngsters (18-35), students or not, coming from different social, economic and cultural contexts. Our target does not only consist of italians: Palermo is, in fact, a highly multicultural city which has the presence of different migrant communities coming from all over the world. Last year it has seen a massive flow of European youngsters who move to the city thanks to mobility projects.

Both centres are used for our regular activities: language courses, music courses and courses of creative recycling and art, art exhibitions, concerts and entertainment events, activities and initiatives with local and European young people during youth exchange programmes, events with migrant communities present in Palermo. In addition, they are used to strengthen our network of local partner organisations.

CSF strongly believes in the Network concept, that is why we constantly work in order to reinforce our partnership. We are Palermo’s headquarters of Giosef Italy, a national association network in the National Youth Forum’s Leadership, whose main mission is to increase youth participation and their social inclusion, especially through mobility projects.

In order to implement all these activities we count on volunteers’ work, who support our team. We have learned how to work in a group of volunteers over the last few years. We have improved group dynamics so as to create a perfect atmosphere that allows everyone to feel important within the group and happy for the results achieved as a community.